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This National Young Photographer Competition is a well -established and successful competition
promoted by Rotary International in Britain and Ireland

RIBI Young Photographer

Photography is a talent and an ever popular art form. Entrants submit three photographs on a theme listed in the title above in black and white or colour , along with a description of the inspiration of their photographs . A full INFO PACK for Entrants, Schools, Rotary Clubs can be downloaded.

Please download (info pack)


In Brief

It is in three-stage competiton designed to support and encourage development of photographic skills.


This competition aims to encourage young people to :

Experiment with photography
Use digital or traditional methods of photography
Show interpretation of their chosen topic
Express their ideas through the medium of photography


Who can take part ?

This competition is open to students, in full time education, in three age groups

Junior                     7 to 10 years old                             
Intermediate       11 to 13 years old       
Senior                   14 to 17 years old

on the 31 August 2014

With the age qualifying date of 31st August 2014 , it should be noted that some junior entrants may
be 11, intermediate entrants may be 14 and some senior entrants may be 18 at the time of some or
all the stage competitions i.e. a competitor may be 17 on 31st August but turns 18 on 1st September
is allowed to enter.
Competitors must include their date of birth on the application form.

Students should enter the competition organised by the local ROTARY CLUB through their School, College or organisation.

Competitors, Schools, Colleges, and organisations can participate in a District that is outside of their boundry, but can only compete in one Club/District competition.



The Three Stages of the Competition

Local Heats are organised by your local Rotary Club.. Rotary Club of Cardiff- City of Llandaff . Age group winners of Local Heats are entered into a District Competition. Age group winners of District Competition are entered into the National Final.

The date for the first of the three stages will be determined locally. Interested parties should check dates with their local Rotary Club.



To produce a portfolio of three photographs based upon the theme " Light Up The Community " in colour or black and white on photographic paper. Prints to be submitted separately. Each print , including any mount should be no larger than A4 size. District competition winners will be asked for a digital copy in jpg format and ideally 5mb for an A4 sized print, on disc as part of the National final submission. In addition, each entrant should provide, in no more than 50 words the inspiration for their photographs.

This is a great theme with the 5th November and Christmas fast approaching. Please complete this task by February 2015


At all stages of the competition, competitors will receive a cetificate of participation. The National winners will be given appropriate award.

Rotary Club of Cardiff - City of Llandaff Local Heat Winners will receive £50 each


How to enter

To enter a Local Heat , interested parties should contact their local Rotary Club. Entrants need to complete the two page Entry Form at the end of the information pack and submit it , with their photgraphs and digital images (not needed for this stage but please submit anyway) Any problems please use contact below.

Please Download (info pack)

General Enquires to : Rtn. Andrew Jacobs at Andrew Jacobs Photography Ltd
STUDIOCF23, 11 Forsythia Dr, Cyncoed, Cardiff,
email : andrew@andrewjacobsphotography.co.uk